Sunday, 10 February 2013

11.22.63 by Stephen King

This is the story of Jake. He is shown a 'hole' in time by a friend of his and is given the opportunity to change history. He decides it would be a good idea to interrupt the assassination of Kennedy. What then follows are his attempts to do just that. Along the way he falls in love, and this complicates his mission somewhat. The burning question is, will he succeed in his mission and will true love run smooth? Only Jake knows the answers and he is keen to find out!

I don't usually do reviews of 'legacy' published authors as I feel reviews are more important to 'indie' authors. However, I was so moved by this book I had to write a review. I won't lie, it is an epic tome and it took me MONTHS to read, but to be fair I was doing other reviews at the same time. To anyone who has become disillusioned with Stephen King's work of late, I urge you to try this. It isn't scary, and I would say more sci-fi with the time travel element to it. The love story running through adds a touch of bitter-sweetness. The characters were real and well defined and I like the fact that characters from previous books were revisited, albeit briefly. It makes Stephen King's literary world seem that much more real. To anyone not sure I say give it a go, you wont be sorry. It does start off slow, but then many of King's books do that to get you invested in the characters. This is the sort of work that made Stephen King great. Long may it continue!

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