Monday, 15 April 2013

Bend Me, Shape Me by Debra R. Borys

This is the second in the 'Street Stories' series of suspense novels that highlight the trials and tribulations of young kids homeless and on the street. Focussing on Snow and her brother Alley (Alejandro), Jo Sullivan must investigate concerns that a psychiatrist working with the youngsters is driving them to suicide. Snow is concerned her brother may be next after her friend slits his throat after a session with this psychiatrist. Can Jo solve the mystery or will her own demons refuse to let her see what is under her nose?

Told in three distinct voices, Jo, Snow and Snow's Great Uncle Leonard - this was a fantastic follow up to the first 'Street Stories' book, Painted Black. This was a rollercoaster of a book both with regards to the action and emotionally. I enjoyed it and found it hard to put down. The characters were all realistic, and the vivid descriptions of a bleak wintery Chicago made me think of all those poor kids that have nowhere to go. This is a series that can only get better and better, and although the books are linked, they can be read quite happily as standalones. I can't wait for the next one!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Wheezer and the Shy Coyote by Kitty Sutton

This is the second in the series of books featuring Cherokee Sasa and her doggy friend Wheezer. This time they are trying to solve the mystery of who is selling whiskey to the Cherokees. With the help of Coyote, a half Lakota, half Blackfoot and a wild coyote Sasa has named Yellow eyes - it's not long before she finds herself over her head and in very real danger. With two Native Indians already dead, can Sasa and Wheezer solve the mystery before anymore lives are lost?

I really enjoyed the first Wheezer story and its follow-up was certainly no disappointment. It was nice meeting up with familiar characters, and Kitty truly does bring them to life in a wonderful way. Once again, this was a work of fiction but it has it's roots in real life history. it was easy to read and I got into the story very quickly. We were introduced to a few new characters this time around, and I do hope some of them find their way back again. The story itself was fast paced and hard to put down. Once I had started I found myself saying 'Just one more chapter....' I hope it won't be too long before we see Wheezer and Sasa again as I will be having withdrawal symptoms!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Snowblind by Michael McBride

 This is the story of four friends who go on an elk hunting trip in the woods. What should be a bonding trip starts off badly when one of the four falls and breaks his leg. The seek shelter in an abandoned cabin and that's when their problems really start. It begins to snow, and the storm quickly turns into a blizzard and it soon becomes clear that there is someone or something out their that has them in their sights. Will anyone survive to tell the authorities?

I loved this, it was a nailbiting, white knuckle ride of a story. The descriptions were so vivid, I felt I was stuck in the snow with them. The little hints along the way of who was stalking the friends were far more frightening than coming straight out and telling us in black and white. The first 3/4 of the book focussed on the build up and picking off of the friends and was tension filled enough, but the last 1/4 was almost painful as I couldn't read it quick enough. The story took off at a blistering pace and dumped me panting in a puddle at the end!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead

This is a story about a 'sleepy' town in Savannah called Gordonston.The story centres around the park and the women who walk their dogs there. Something is not right in Gordonston though, and behind the curtains of the picture perfect houses, rivalries are brewing, scheming and plotting is afoot, some are leading double lives and some would rather their secrets stayed hidden. It all comes to a head one fateful morning and nothing will be the same again....

This was a wonderful story. I loved the quirky characters and the writing style made it so easy to read. It seemed like all the characters had something to hide, and several red herrings were dotted around so as to lead me off the 'scent' I thought I was following! Towards the end, the different strands of the story started to come together and the ending, when revealed, was a total shock! I thoroughly enjoyed this and for a debut novel was excellent, and I sincerely hope the author has more up his sleeve.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Human Filth by Ian Woodhead

This is the continuation of the Zombie Armageddon series and the sixth instalment. This time around the focus has shifted to the Hunters and the Tainted as the human race has all but been wiped out. Unbeknownst to them though, there is a far greater threat around the corner, waiting to wipe out everybody...

This was another great addition to the series. It was nice to see the drama from the other side of the fence. The gore factor was ramped up this time, as was the tension. The new threat was unlike anything we have seen before, and could only have come from Ian's twisted mind! The story was solid, and had me turning page after page in a rush to see what happened next. I understand Ian is hard at work on the next one, hurry up Ian, we can't wait!!