Thursday, 11 April 2013

Snowblind by Michael McBride

 This is the story of four friends who go on an elk hunting trip in the woods. What should be a bonding trip starts off badly when one of the four falls and breaks his leg. The seek shelter in an abandoned cabin and that's when their problems really start. It begins to snow, and the storm quickly turns into a blizzard and it soon becomes clear that there is someone or something out their that has them in their sights. Will anyone survive to tell the authorities?

I loved this, it was a nailbiting, white knuckle ride of a story. The descriptions were so vivid, I felt I was stuck in the snow with them. The little hints along the way of who was stalking the friends were far more frightening than coming straight out and telling us in black and white. The first 3/4 of the book focussed on the build up and picking off of the friends and was tension filled enough, but the last 1/4 was almost painful as I couldn't read it quick enough. The story took off at a blistering pace and dumped me panting in a puddle at the end!