Friday, 21 March 2014

Digital Children by Jacob Rayne

This is the story of Marsha and Josh. Newlyweds and having just lost their newborn son, Caleb, they will do anything to turn the clock back. They are given that chance in the form of a creepy scientist called Dr Laverick. He offers to answer their prayers and bring back Caleb as a Digital Child. All is well for the first two years, then things suddenly start to go horribly wrong....

This was amazing. The creep factor was ramped up to extreme, to the point where I was almost peeking through my fingers at certain bits. I think this was because it's one of those stories where you think to yourself, 'What if?'. I was glued to the book and the characters from beginning to end. Marsha and Josh were great as the tragic heroes, and Dr Laverick was so smarmy and creepy, in places I just wanted to punch him on the noggin! The pace was unrelenting, and the ending was both explosive and heartbreaking in equal measure. I am fast becoming a firm fan of Jacob's work, and I am eagerly awaiting his next release!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sick B*stards by Matt Shaw

This is the story of a family who wake up in their car with no memory of how they got there or why they are there. They know a nuclear bomb has exploded, but that's it. They stumble upon an empty house and decide to stay there for the time being in the hopes that their memories will return. All is well until the food runs out, suddenly they find theirselves resorting to actions they would never have thought possible. How far must they go to survive?

This was gritty and raw and totally uncompromising. I found it very hard to put down. I was drawn into the families suffering, and I stayed there until the bitter end. There was a lot of gore, and some shocking scenes of incest, but that's what Matt was trying to achieve, to shock. The twist at the end was an interesting one, and posed some difficult questions. I understand Matt has a sequel planned, and if it is anything like this then I am sold already!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Literary Agent by Sean Sweeney

This is Jaclyn Johnson's fifth outing. In this instalment she must investigate the bombing of a cafe in Detroit on Christmas Eve, which was used to cover up the kidnapping of an ex-FBI agent turned author. He holds some secrets that would cause chaos to the government if they ever got out. Before too long, Jaclyn and her boyfriend, British agent Tom Messingham, realise that they are dealing with a total madman. Can they stop him before any more bombs are detonated, or is National Security as we know it about to unravel?

This was another great instalment in what is fast becoming a must read series. It was nice to see Jaclyn and Tom working together again, and to see their relationship go to another level. The story flowed well, and I found it hard to put down. The ending was explosive, and there was a nice twist at the end. If I have any criticism, it would be that I was disappointed that Jaclyn didn't break out her best gadgets until almost at the end. it is really just a personal niggle though and does not detract from the action in any way. I am now eagerly awaiting book 6!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lesser Creatures by Peter Giglio

This story is about second-lifers, a new and unique breed of zombie. Hated by many but revered by others, they are a drain on the countries resources, and the economy. Monika is a newly born second lifer who has a bit of sentience and is recruited by AdCorp to work in one of their offices. As she is adjusting to her new status, she becomes aware that she is possibly being used as a pawn in a much bigger picture...

This was an interesting and new take on the zombie genre. I enjoyed it, and it kept me page turning. The story was fast paced, the characters were solid, and the ending was explosive and unexpected. I liked the overall idea that everyone who dies becomes reborn as a second lifer, and Eric's background story was interesting. The twist at the end was totally unexpected and left me for a loop, and the end seemed open for another possibly to come. I recommend this for people who enjoy zombie stories but are possibly looking for something new.