Friday, 26 July 2013

A Taste of your Fears (Literature-ly You) by Matt Shaw

This is a collection of 6 of the 'Literature-ly You' service Matt provides to his readers. The stories are personal with the recipient as the main character in a story built around their worst fears, or as in the case of one of these stories, in with another character from Matt's books. 

When I first heard of this service, I wasn't sure I wanted to be put in a book with my worst fears, I know Matt's writing and the way his mind works! But having read a sample selection of what the service provides I am certainly thinking about taking the plunge. I like the way they are tailored specifically to the client and it is a nice gift for someone you know. One or two of the stories, I personally know the recipients so they were more 'real' to me. This is a great example of another talent to add to Matt's already bursting writer's resume!

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