Friday, 10 October 2014

The Last Infection by Michael W. Garza

This is the story of Jake and Alicen. They are alone in the world after their parents sacrificed themselves to a zombie horde so they could get away. They are running from 'The Infected' a new strain of zombie that isn't quite dead but has a bloodlust all the same. They need to get to Catalina, where their Aunt and Uncle are, and where they believe they will be safe. On the way they bump into Chris, an ex-junkie, who has only ever cared for himself, and Jenn who has lost her family and is on the way to Vegas to try and find her parents. The four of them team up and make their way across country, meeting up with others at times, always trying to keep one step ahead of the relentless chase of The Infected.

I really enjoyed this. It was nice to see a different slant on the zombie genre. The idea that people are 'infected' and have an insatiable bloodlust and show intelligence, until they die and THEN become traditional zombies is new and refreshing. The pace was relentless and I read the whole book within a couple of sittings. I loved the characters and identified with them totally and was there every step of the way with them on their treacherous journey. Some scenes were quite scary, and I found myself looking behind me a couple of times... The ending was great and seemed to leave it open for a sequel, so I shall keep an eye for that. Now I have to read the prequel! This is the first of Michael's books that I have read, and will certainly be on the look out for more.

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