Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Lone Bostonian by Sean Sweeney

Set 100 years into the future. This is the story of Terry. He works for a company that makes inexpensive tablets, but at a terrible cost for mankind. When his girlfriend is moved to another department, he vows to follow her. When he gets transferred there he notices something is very wrong with his girlfriend. This is just the beginning of the nightmare. When Boston is suddenly obliterated, he emerges from a subway to find he is the last person alive. He begins a journey to find other survivors, and to wreak revenge on the culprits...

This was a thrilling story. I was gripped from the first page, and couldn't put the book down. The idea was an interesting one, and one that could so easily happen which makes for unsettling reading! I felt for Terry as he made his perilous journey to find other survivors, and his devastation at losing everything that mattered to him. The pace was spot on and the ending was brilliant. A good sci-fi thriller that kept me glued to the page.

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