Tuesday, 19 May 2015

After Midnight by Allan Leverone

This is the follow-up to Mr Midnight. Cait Connelly is recovering from the events of  months ago when she confronted her psychopathic twin brother at her birth mothers house. A confrontation that left her with both mental and physical scars, and her brother Milo in a secure hospital paralysed from the neck down thanks to a bullet in the face from Cait. Now Milo has developed terrible psychic powers and once again Cait's life is in danger.

This was a great follow-up to Mr Midnight. We are plunged straight into the action, and the tension is ramped up from the beginning. The action centres around Milo's relentless urge to do away with his twin sister, and whilst reading I was totally pulled into the action, as if I was alongside the characters while they went through their trauma's. This was completely unputdownable and I recommend it.

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