Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Paying the Price by Simon Gould

This is the story of detectives Patton and Holland. They are tasked to join detective Axon to try and solve a series of bank robberies. They think Senator Conway may be involved but do they have enough information to convict him at last? And what will happen when one of LAPD's top negotiators finds out his son has been kidnapped, can Patton and Holland get to the bottom of everything before it's too late?

This is the third outing for detectives Michael Patton and Charlie Holland. They are still on the tail of Senator Conway but he keeps slipping out of their grasp. Now they are teaming up with detective Shawn Axon to solve some high profile bank robberies. Throw in a side story of an exclusive club that holds some dark secrets and you have a high octane rollercoaster of a thriller. Whilst this is the third in a series, it does stand up well on it's own although some mentions are made to previous events. There were plenty of twists and turns and one or two shocks along the way! The ending was extremely explosive and left the way open for more to come.


  1. trying to figure out how to contact you--wondering how to list my book here...! good blog!

    1. Hi authorinprogress, I have sent you a private message on how to contact me. Thank you for your kind words!