Monday, 2 July 2012

The Kult by Shaun Jeffrey

This is the story of Prosper Snow. A detective in the police force, he is hunting a serial killer called The Oracle. The killer arranges his victims as macabre works of art and to taunt police photographs the victims and places pictures of famous serial killers around the body. When he was younger he used to belong to a group called the Kult, who used to commit vigilante acts on people they felt deserved it. Now one of his friends has resurrected the group and asks them to deal with the man who raped his wife. Only this time he wants them to go further than he has gone before, and frame the Oracle for the deed. Suddenly everything Prosper holds dear is in jeopardy. Can he put the pieces together, whilst keeping the biggest secret of his life before it's too late?

This was a page turner from the get go. It was fast paced and at one point I thought I had it all worked out, then I was taken in a totally different direction. Prosper was great as the slightly flawed detective trying to escape his bullied past. I really empathised with him as he agonised over the choices he had made, and where they would lead him. This was a tense and taut thriller. Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted, it is particularly graphic and gory in places! I am a sucker for a good serial killer thriller and I particularly like one that makes me think and doesn't lead me by the hand. This was just such a book. I totally recommend this for fans of the genre.


  1. You leave such fantastic reviews. This book sounds like a keeper. I'm going to look for it right now.