Saturday, 30 June 2012

G.S.O.H. Essential by Matt Shaw

This is the first in the 'Peter Chronicles' as I like to call them. It is the prequel to Happy Ever After. In this Peter is looking for 'The One' and he thinks he may have found her in the local supermarket. All he has to do is get her home...

Having read Happy Ever After before this, I knew somewhat what to expect and I wasn't disappointed. Just as dark and malevolent as it's successor, the events of this story serve as a sort of trial run for the events of Happy Ever After. Once again we find out Peter is not firing on all cylinders, and his idea of love and togetherness is truly warped. Seen through the eyes of both Peter and Susie in differing points of view, the story builds up to fever pitch tension. I recommend this totally, as a great start to a great series.

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