Saturday, 2 June 2012

Chasing the Cyclone by Peter Thomas Senese

This is the story of Paul. Estranged from his wife, he is in the middle of a bitter custody battle with a woman who makes it abundantly clear she does not want her ex-husband to have anything to do with their son. Before too long it becomes obvious that she is going to flee with their son, and thus Paul begins the battle to find his son and be reunited with him at all costs!

This was an amazing and poignant story. Written in a sort of autobiographical manner but changing the names to protect the innocent. We are taken on the heart breaking and often frustrating journey of trying to find an abducted child. The mother is corrupt, her lawyers are corrupt, it even seems like the courts are corrupt. The story was written in a very personal manner so you felt you were there feeling every heartache and setback. I have a criticism though, and it is only a small one. It is the authors tendency to write in large chunks of paragraph, sometimes whole pages of my kindle, it made it difficult to read at times, but did not detract from my overall enjoyment, and relief at the outcome. It was a fantastic story and I totally recommend it.


  1. Good review. A situation that happens to children and adults too many times.