Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Macabre by Lori Lopez

This is the story of Gilly. She lives next door to a haunted windmill. All she wants to do is get away from town. All her life she has suffered nightmares and she wonders if the windmill is the key.

This is more of a simple (if a story of Lori's could be described as simple!) haunted house type story. It had a nice pace and good imagery. Gilly was fantastic as the needy, whiny teenager trying to work out what is going whilst trying desperately to get away. I love haunted house stories because of the imagery they conjure up and this was no exception.


  1. If this is featuring a teenager, is it a Young Adult novel?

    1. Answer from the author herself 'most of my stories are aimed at a wider audience than just adults or just Y.A. readers. I write for most categories and have fans of varying ages.'

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