Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wishbone by Brooklyn Hudson

This is the story of Julien and Rachael. A couple with a seemingly perfect life (albeit Julien is battling with some childhood demons). This is brought to a crashing halt on their 9th wedding anniversary when Rachael is brutally attacked and raped and loses their unborn baby. Becoming emotionally unstable, Rachael is in dire need of help. Julien in desperation decides a move to the country might be beneficial. He finds a beautiful mansion and they make the move to the mountains. All seems to be going well and Rachael even seems back to normal until Julien starts to have strange accidents and Rachael begins to change. In a bid to find out what is going on - well that's when their troubles REALLY begin.

This was phenomenal. It was page turning old school psychological horror that gripped me from page one and had some seriously creepy moments! Julien and Rachael are awesome together, taken in by the 'game' never realising the truth, and the horror behind it. The different scenarios and obstacles they encountered had me turning page after page to find out exactly what was going on. Despite their initial greed, when secrets were revealed and tides turned, I had tears in my eyes whilst holding my breath hoping it would all work out. I recommend this for old school fans and genre readers alike - it is page turning horror and not for the faint hearted. I can even see this being optioned for the big screen!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kim. I have seen this author making the rounds. I'm glad to see the book is receiving good reviews. I do like old-school horror, so I will check it out. Thanks.