Monday, 25 June 2012

9 Months:Book One by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Jessica. She has been asked out by Darren and he seems to be the boy of her dreams. Things develop and she finds herself pregnant. After much soul searching, she decides not to carry on with the pregnancy. That's when her problems really begin and she is kidnapped by someone who is determined she will deliver her baby.

This was another dark, dark story. This seems to be Matt's style and it appeals to my own dark side. It has a principle cast of 4 or 5, and focuses on Jessica and her acceptance (or not!) of her situation. Told in flashback and in the present and told from the different point of views of Jessica and Darren, it was gripping stuff. The parts that focussed on Jessica's captivity were particularly claustrophobic. The tension was built up to fever pitch and the book ended in such a way as to ensure that the reader has to read the next.

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