Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Heartbeat by Lori Lopez

This is a zombie tale with a difference. Zombies are about but treated more like the homeless. A group of kids try to 'tame' them by feeding them cadavers brains, so they won't need to go hunting. Then one of the boys mother's boyfriend gets bitten. Now they have a race against time before he turns and bites the boys mother.

This is an interesting take on the zombie genre. Zombies have become the norm but are still more or less shunned by society, but there is a group of boys who 'sympathise' with them and their plight whilst still realising how dangerous they are. So when on of the boys mothers gets bitten he has a crisis of conscience. Does he try to save her or dispatch her? It raises an interesting ethical question. Is it OK to dispatch so long as it is someone you don't know? Beautifully written with great pathos. I recommend this.

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