Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Death Bonds by Jerry McKinney

This is the story of Linda and Cliff. Their marriage is in trouble, Cliff having had a drinking problem and ending up in jail and Linda having an affair whilst Cliff was in the jail. Cliff's Uncle Ned hands them a lifeline in a a new job opportunity so they decide to move to Western Oregon for a new start. What they don't know is 2 little girls (twin sisters) were murdered in their new house and these dead don't rest easily.......or at all....

This is a good old fashioned ghost story but with a bit of nastiness and a sprinkling of 'Jerryness'. For a short tale it was fast paced and I truly felt for Linda as she began to think she was going mad. Buck was creepy and he truly gave me shivers up my spine. And when the ending came, it came and socked me in the chops. Grab this and enjoy it, it's a good one!

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