Friday, 8 June 2012

Dead in the Trunk by Craig Saunders

This is an eclectic collection of short stories. Some are scary, some are eerie and some are downright bone chilling.

From the deadly creepy Mudman to Slate, this collection of stories does not let up on the heart pumping adrenaline ride. I enjoyed every one. I tend to read antho's at night because it's easy to read a short when you are falling least that's what I USUALLY do. Not so with these! I was kept awake, heart thumping, deep breathing, jumping at every shadow. I totally recommend this antho and introduce Craig Saunders as the next big thing in self-publishing.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Kim. I will have to look this one up...


    1. Thank you, glad I inspired you on this one too!