Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fit to Kill by Donnie Whetstone

This is the story of a personal trainer who acts out his fantasies of killing his clients by brutally murdering other people. It is up to a slightly damaged female detective to try and put the pieces together and solve the mystery before any more people are killed.

After a fairly lengthy introduction - that set the scene for a story set in the world of high fitness - this story took off. It was a very clever thriller. Things were done so that it kept you guessing most of the way through. It was graphic and violent and I loved it. Tara was the damaged detective, who usually relies on her gut instinct steering her right. After a case went wrong a couple of years before, she is no longer sure about her instincts and begins to doubt herself. Meanwhile the killer is well on his way to serial killer status by acting out all sorts of fantasies by brutalising his victims. This was fast paced, detailed (almost too much so in places) and had a mind blower of an ending. A great serial killer thriller for lovers of the genre.

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