Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Becoming by Allan Leverone

This is the story of a mine in Tonopah, Pennsylvania. Closed in 1925 when a miner went missing amid stories of the mine being haunted and inhabited by strange creatures, it has lain dormant and sealed for almost 90 years - until now. Tim McKenna plays hookey from school to explore the mine after learning about it in class. Then he disappears. For more than 24 hours he is missing, and then suddenly he turns up in bed as if nothing had happened. Somehow he is different though, and now the lives of his family will change forever....

I must admit I am slightly biased about this author's work, having read most of his work. I have not read a bad book from him yet and look forward to each new release with excitement. This novella did not disappoint. It was short but packed to the gills. The idea of some sort of alien entity lying dormant in a mine and being reawakened by a curious schoolboy was different and I was burning up my Kindle to find out how it ended. As usual the author had done his research and the first chapter set in the mine was extremely claustrophobic and I had more than a few shivers up my spine! The ending was great and left me thinking - what if? I recommend this as a fast paced quick read with more than it's fair share of back of the neck chills.


  1. Kim, you're the best - thanks very much for making my first review for THE BECOMING such a good one!