Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bet You Can't.....FIND ME! by Linda Prather

This is the story of Catherine. She is a gifted psychic who uses that gift to find missing people and investigate arson insurance claims. Now someone is killing off members of her family, and friends of her family - a family she had left behind 10 years before. Who knows her so well that they could do such a thing?

This was a very clever thriller with many twists and turns. Catherine was brilliant as the heroine trying to piece together her past to try and find out who the killer was, and why they were trying to frame her. The pace was quick and relentless and at times left me breathless. The descriptions of New Orleans and the Bayou made me feel like I was there. There was a huge twist in the tale and when the twist was revealed, everything else made sense! I loved the idea of using a psychic killer, after all how do you catch someone you can't see? The ending was climactic And seemed to leave the way open for more - possibly a series? I recommend this as a totally different kind of thriller - a psychic thriller.

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