Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Calico by Allison Bruning

This is the story of a young girl named Calico. She is destined to be nobility with her twin sister. Sadly her parents have died and her sister has been sent away while she is brought up Shawnee. (A Native American tribe). She grows up to be a beautiful and powerful healer woman. Sadly she is abused and brutalised by a shaman she looks on as a father. The spirits have prophesied that she will marry a war chief who hates everything she is and stands for and he will be the one to end her suffering. Can Calico find the love and peace she has been searching for?

Where do I start with this? I am afraid nothing I say can do it justice! I have just finished reading and I am stunned by the range of emotions I feel. (Addendum to draft I wrote last night - I woke up this morning having dreamt about the book. To me this is a sign of a good book!!) My heart goes out to Calico for she has suffered. (But at times I did want to slap her for her utter stubbornness!) This was a total page turner, steeped in history and I enjoyed every word. I found myself transported to a time and place I knew nothing about and learned so much through Calico's eyes. I was sad when it ended because it meant there would be no more! I totally recommend this and am eager to read book 2 when it is ready.


  1. Excellent :) Can not wait to read it!

  2. Thank you for reviewing my book, Kim. :-)

  3. Great review. I am reading Calico now and have to agree in the emotional treatment. Great success Allison.