Monday, 21 May 2012

False Positives by Kim Aleksander

This is the story of a 'ghost in the machine'. In the 1970's a university student developed a computer virus. When it was accidentally fed into a computer nothing happened, or so they thought. Fast forward nearly 40 years and a new computer program has been designed to investigate terrorists and acts of terrorism. Something has gone wrong though and now it is sanctioning killing anyone with terrorist links. The engineer of the program has to find out why and how to resolve the bugs before any more innocent people are killed.

This was a page turner. I found it absolutely captivating. We started off with three distinct threads to the story and about halfway through they started to twist and converge on each other. Then things really started to heat up as characters were revealed, truths learned and lies unearthed. The main leads were great and played off each other very well. The settings were diverse, we went from Tehran to Bangkok and onto the USA via Vietnam. The descriptions were vivid, making me feel I was there. The pace was cracking and the ending was hopeful, if a bit sad. A great book for scifi/technothriller fans.

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