Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nuclear Winter Wonderland by Joshua Corin

This is the story of Adam. On the way to his Uncle's funeral, his twin sister Anna is abducted by a lunatic hell bent on setting off 12 nuclear bombs on Christmas Eve. Chaos then ensues as Adam hunts for Anna. In his quest he teams up with a church robbing mobster called Filbert and a Croatian clown called Cherry Sundae who appears to only speak Spanish. Along the way he meets all manner of weird and wonderful people, some who help and some who hinder him in his search for his sister.

This was on the face of it a thriller, but it was irreverent and laugh out loud funny. Over the course of 6 days poor Adam goes through more drama than any sane person should. The trouble is he's an idiot and bad luck seems to follow him. That being said he is a loveable idiot. I loved the characters - all nutters the lot of them but I cared about what happened to them and where their stories took them. The pace of the book was brilliant and I could not put it down, eventually reading it in two sittings. The humour was spot on, and the thriller aspects were, well, thrilling! The ending was great, and felt right for the book. It was an enjoyable romp and I couldn't help but feel for Adam as he tried desperately to find his but being blocked at every turn. I recommend this for people who like their thrillers with a touch of humour.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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