Monday, 30 April 2012

Where the Dead Fear to Tread by M R Gott

This is the story of William Chandler. Disillusioned with his life after the death of his husband he turns into a vigilante and starts killing anyone connected to child abduction. He has a police officer after him about the murders but she isn't as disgusted by his behaviour as she should be. Together they must try and save a young girl who has been abducted by an entity known only as 'The Devourer'.

This story started off really well. I liked the idea of a vigilante serial killer taking out anyone connected with child abduction. It made serial killing seem almost honourable! The side story of the police officer chasing him, but not really trying too hard was engaging. Then ghosts were introduced and I thought things were getting a little strange but it was still enjoyable and I carried on page turning to find out what happened next. Then vampires and
werewolves were added. It all got a little bit silly and went downhill from there. It seemed as though the author had decided to throw in every cliched monster and go from there. The last quarter of the story didn't make much sense and created more questions than answered them. The author kept getting their characters muddled up. I wish I could recommend this as it started off so well, but sadly I can't as it just didn't hold up to it's early promise.

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