Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Petorik Thesis and Tales of the Global West by W. Jack Savage

This is an anthology of 13 short stories, 1 not so short (The Petorik Thesis of the title) and an excerpt from another title of the authors (The Children of the Blameless).

When I started reading this, I had no idea what to expect. I love anthologies and every story is different and unique to the author. These were great and certainly no disappointment! There was a very loose theme of redemption running through them. Some were quirky, as in the man who took it upon himself to murder people who had the sheer audacity of eating yellow food, in the aptly titled Yellow Food. Some were very moving as in The Story of Baggs House. In fact this one moved me so much I had tears in my eyes reading it! All of them were enjoyable. Usually in an anthology there are one or two that aren't so great but every one of these was a blinder. I understand this is the author's second anthology of short stories, I am eager to read the first now.

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