Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Katar Legacy by Tobin Loshenko

This is the story of Tsom, a 19 year old sneak thief. He has the misfortune of stealing one of the Rings of Power from a race called the Katar. He runs away to the Resistance to hide and soon finds himself embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Katar amongst a Civil War with another race called the Tarth. Along the way he meets people that can help him learn more about himself and powers he never knew he had.

This was surprisingly good. The beginning seemed a little confusing at first but once I had sorted out who was who and what went where I was well away! The descriptions of the different worlds and races were rich and vivid. At times I felt like I was there riding along with Tsom and Shara. Tsom was a believable lead, learning about his new life and powers. His heartache at the loss of his friends was heartbreaking. The war scenes were detailed but were not overly complicated or lengthy. I enjoyed the pace of the book once it started to pick up at around a quarter of the way through. The ending was poignant and satisfying.

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