Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Big Man of Barlow by Brad Carter

Barlow, Arkansas has a secret, and that secret is the Sasquatch...known as 'The Big Man'. This is the story of how Barlow became overrun with Hollywood types trying to make a film about said Sasquatch. It is also the story of Hank Harmon, who has just lost his partner Gus, who is something of an authority on Sasquatch. With a drunk baptist, and the hollwood circus, can Hank save the Sasquatch from being discovered?

This was an interesting story, funny in places and sad in others. It went along at a steady pace but at no point did it blow my socks off. The story idea was different and I loved the idea of a man trying to save a legend and keep it safe because of a loyalty to his late partner. It just never really got to 'wow' status for me. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice story and the
characters were well-rounded and believable, but it was just that - a nice story. I will remember it more for the Big Man than anything else.

I would hesitate to recommend this as it just didn't light my fire.

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