Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sinema 3 - The Troy Consortium by Rod Glenn

This is the third in the Sinema series featuring Hannibal (Han) Whitman. The world thinks he is dead, killed at the hand of one his previous surviving victims. The truth is a somewhat different story, taken in by the 'Troy Consortium' - a sort of guns for hire outfit - he is given a new life and a new identity. But something is rotten in the consortium and it is up to Han to go toe to toe with an even worse psychopath than himself. Soon everything he holds dear is in danger, and to save the day he must go full circle to where it all began....

This was utterly brilliant. Despite the fact that is the third in a series, the story shows no signs of flagging at all. The pace was brutal, grabbing me from the beginning, and hurtling me face first into the explosive climax. This could easily be made into a feature film, maybe with John Woo at the helm! Han is still the flawed hero (or antihero?) but his previous experiences have changed him somewhat, he seems more emotional and introspective now. Once again there was only a small cast but from a small cast came a BIG story. It is essential that one reads the others or else many things in the book won't make sense. I do hope there are more as I feel Han's tale is not quite told yet!

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