Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Hole by William Meikle

This is the story of a small town that suddenly develops sinkholes. A vibration runs through town and the residents develop crippling headaches and nosebleeds and then the holes appear. A small band of people decide to leave town, but they are stopped on the way out by the military. Something is underground, and it is anxious to surface. If it does, the lives of everyone will be in danger. Will anyone survive to tell the tale?

This was truly brilliant. I absolutely loved it. For me it drew similarities to Under the Dome or The Tommyknockers. The pace was relentless, and there were some real 'hide behind your eyes' creepy moments. Some of the characters had flaws in their personality, but they overcame them for the greater good - and that somehow made them more likeable. The ending was explosive, and I almost had a tear in my eye. Willie clearly had a blast writing this, as it comes through in the story loud and clear. I hope there will be more like this, as it was amazing!

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