Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kingdoms of the Dead:Chemical Rot by Ian Woodhead

This is the story of a ruined world. Doomed to destruction by a plague that refuses to let the dead die. Even when they do finally die, the bodies don't rot down, leading to more infection and so the cycle goes on. It is up to two young men who seem to be immune to save their race. Can they do it or is there another solution?

This was something very different from the usual zombie fayre. Combining elements of sci-fi, horror and a sprinkling of Running Man, it made for a very enjoyable and unique read. There was always something going on and the pace was relentless. At first it was quite hard to work out what was going on but as the story progressed and I had sorted out who was who and what went where there was no stopping me. I loved the characters, even the bad guys. Bring on the next Ian, I can't wait to find out where this is going!

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