Monday, 26 September 2011

How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room and Other Short Stories) by Sibel Hodge

This is a collection of hysterical, laugh-out-loud short stories told as only Sibel can.

I really enjoyed these. Each story was screamingly funny with my significant other rolling his eyes at me each time I guffawed. 'Reading another Sibel are you? Say no more!' he said. My favourites were 'The S-Word and the Lady Garden', because it is especially relevant to me and 'Kismet' because it was both sweet and funny at the same time.

All in all yet another winner by Sibel who is fast becoming my favourite 'chick-lit' author. (As well as being the one who introduced me to the genre in the first place!)


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review, Kim! And I'm honoured I'm becoming your fave chick lit author. That has made my day! :)

  2. its my pleasure Sibel! Interested to see how Trafficked goes.... xx