Sunday, 11 September 2011

Self's Blossom by David Russell

This is the story of Selene, who is vain, insouciant and utterly self-absorbed. It is her mission to orchestrate a holiday romance. Having been hurt badly in the past (which we see through flash backs) she feels she must be completely in control of everything. She meets a young boy and has 'an encounter' with him but feels it's not what she was after. Later she meets Hudson and the chase is on!

This story was strange in that Selene wasn't really likeable as a heroine, but by the same token that made it unusual. The sights and sounds on the holiday were vivid and I felt I was there with them, particularly in the less well beaten tracks. The author has a way of descibing things that really put you in the story.

I enjoyed this although I felt more could have been made of Hudson and Selene's relationship. It was long drawn out and there wasn't really a satisfactory ending for me. Although having said that it was a good solid romance and I recommend it to anyone.

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