Friday, 3 February 2012

Z-Boat by Suzanne Robb

This is the story of a world set in the future. Water is seriously contaminated and food heavily genetically modified. An intrepid submarine crew are tasked to go on a search and rescue in an uncharted region. They are assigned five new crew members to help them in this task. There is hostility on both sides and neither crew trust each other. Soon it becomes obvious that the trip is doomed and everyone has their own hidden agenda....

 Set in a submarine that spends most of the novel underwater, the claustrophobia and paranoia were very evident and tangible. It was a zombie novel essentially but the zombie action didn't come in until very nearly the end. The first three quarters of the book were getting to know the characters and their various agendas. I loved the dynamics of the two crews open hostility towards each  other, until the end when they had no choice but work together towards a common goal. The action was slow paced to begin with but that was alright because it gave me time to sort out the characters and who was who before it then took off, and boy did it take off! The last quarter of the book was relentless and left me gasping at the explosive ending. I recommend this for zombie lovers and non lovers alike as the zombies are somewhat secondary to the rest of the story.

I really enjoyed Z Boat, this is a highly Recommended novel!


  1. This a zombie novel that is not a zombie novel, LOL. It sounds like a good psychological thriller to me. Thanks for the review.

  2. This rocked! I really recommend it, twas a thrill a minute.