Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Under-Heaven by Tim Greaton

This is almost two stories in one but they do converge at the end in an astounding way. On one hand we have Nate (9years old), newly dead - murdered in fact, living out his death in Under-heaven (a sort of pre-heaven where souls come to terms with their death). Then we have Jesse (5 years old), very much alive, but gets caught up in his dads and things don't go so well for him.

This was very much a poignant story. It started off slowly but I think that was essential as the two tales were being told simultaneously. It certainly picked up after about 15% and ran away with itself! Nate's story was one of indecision. He didn't know how to resolve the fact that he had been murdered. After many years, with the help of various relatives (as angels) he makes a momentous decision.

Jesse's story is profoundly sad, he loves his dad with a passion but sadly his dad is a terminal screw up and just keeps letting Jesse down. Where does this leave him? At first it was hard to see what each story had to do with each other but then -bang- it hits you between the eyes. The merging was very cleverly  done and when I came to the dramatic end I was in tears.

I totally recommend this book. Under Heaven is a moving and well written story.


  1. it sounds so interesting thank u :) Leslie S.

  2. It sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments ladies!