Friday, 2 March 2012

Double Agent by Sean Sweeney

This is the third outing for CIA Agent Jaclyn Johnson, codename Snapshot. After being outed as a traitor in the last book, Jaclyn has been in hiding for the last month. Now reinstated and exonerated by the President, she has been hired to save Las Vegas from a group of religious zealots. First the newly-built monorail is destroyed, then a couple of gay clubs. Then word gets to Jaclyn that they have their sights on something much bigger. Can she save the day? With Tom Messingham from MI5 on board as her partner, it's a race against time!

This was great. I have read all the 'Agent' books so far and I have to say they just keep getting better each time! This one set off at a blistering pace and didn't let up until the final, shocking ending. Jaclyn is, as always, excellent as the female James Bond type. This time she is joined (again) by Tom Messingham from MI5, who also played her love interest. This allowed us to see another, softer side to her character. Who knew she was vulnerable after all? In situ as usual were the usual fast cars, gizmos and gadgets commensurate with her job.A fantastic romp and a darn good thriller. Please may we have more?

A great read for fans of Jaclyn, if not give the 'Agent' books a go, they are fabulous!

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  1. mmmm... a female James Bond, "religious zealots" and Las Vegas... what else should anyone ask for?