Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Drive by S. J. Johnson

This is the story of Brian. In trying to reconnect with his family, he suggests they all go on a camping trip. They pile in the car and head off. Before too long they hit a fog bank and the van they are in hits a broken tree and is grounded. That's when things start to get REALLY strange! Somehow they have entered a portal to another dimension and must not only fight to survive but to escape with the help of a native creature they have named 'Spock'.

This started off quite stodgily. I thought I might have to give up but luckily I persevered because it opened up into the most amazing multi-layered story. The title might refer to the original drive out to the campsite or the drive to survive or even the drive to escape wherever they had found themselves with their lives. Brian's slow descent into almost madness at all that is thrown at him is tangible and my heart went out to his suffering. After the initial slowness, the book took off and I found myself devouring page after page. So much so that I read it in two sittings. This is a very cleverly written horror/suspense that gives far more than is initially obvious. It will appeal to anyone.

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