Saturday, 24 March 2012

Infected Bodies by Ian Woodhead

This is the third book in the Zombie Armageddon series. This time around the action is centred on an apartment building with a gym and a bar underneath and ‘luxury’ flats above. We are introduced to new types of creature as well as the usual chaos and carnage!

Having read the previous two books in this series, I was eager to get my hands on this one. Wow! Was it ever a good’un! It had a much more claustrophobic feel as it was based primarily in the flats. We are introduced to a new sort of ‘Queen Zombie’ who can infiltrate minds and uses her feminine wiles to trap her victims. Making a welcome return are the child zombies who live in the wall cavities and can scuttle up the walls and along the ceilings like spiders! These were briefly touched on in the first book. All these plus the usual odious characters make for a rip roaring stonker. As well as rooting for the few good guys, I was screaming at the bad guys to hurry up and get offed already. There was slightly more gore this time around but it wasn’t in your face and not until about a third of the way through. The horror built up slowly with a couple of early pointers.

I have to say I love Ian’s work and this is no disappointment. Get it of you have read the others, hell just get it and enjoy the ride!!

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