Friday, 16 March 2012

Wheezer and the Painted Frog by Kitty Sutton

This is the story of Sasa, a young Cherokee girl and a Jack Russell called Wheezer. Sasa's brother has been murdered and her Cherokee people are not getting the food and provisions they desperately need. Can Sasa and Wheezer get to the bottom of the mystery and solve it?

This was a story steeped in history. Based on the Cherokee 'Trail of Tears', where they were moved from their land and made to settle elsewhere, with many Cherokees dying along the way. While this was at it's heart a murder mystery, you could feel the history seeping out of every word. Having 5 principal characters, Wheezer/Jack the Jack Russell, Sasa, Jackson, Arch and Anna - the story focussed on the dwindling supplies for the Cherokee settlers and the murder of Sasa's brother Usti Yansa. The story went along at a fair clip and the descriptions were so vivid, I felt I was there walking in their shoes. I loved the inclusion of Wheezer as a main character. Who couldn't fail to be drawn to a book with a dog as one of the principal players? I understand this is Kitty's debut novel-well it had me gripped to the end and I even shed a tear at the conclusion. Well done Kitty, I am anxiously waiting for the follow up!

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