Sunday, 11 March 2012

Inspector Zhang and the Perfect Alibi by Stephen Leather

This is another short story in the Inspector Zhang series. In this one the Inspector has to solve the mystery of a woman killed in cold blood. The perpetrators finger prints are on the murder weapon and where he bit the victim, his bite marks match dental records. The only problem is the perpetrator has the perfect alibi, he was in jail at the time of the murder. Can the Inspector solve the mystery?

This is the second Inspector Zhang story I have read and I have to say I think he's great! He is the Inspector they turn to when things don't appear so cut and dried.His hero is Sherlock Holmes, and he approaches his cases in the same methodical manner. This case seemed to be tied up perfectly but Inspector Zhang got to the bottom of it by eliminating the impossible and whatever remained, however improbable had to be the truth! Well done Stephen, another great little mystery. Just right for reading before bedtime or on a lunch break. May there be many more.

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  1. Mystery fans should love this.