Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bad Faith by Mike O'Connor

This is the story of the parish of Ceanngoorley and it's highly irreverent parish priest, Father Fergus O'Hoora. When one of the parishioners wins the Lottery and claims the Statue of our Lady gave him the numbers, he sets off a chain of events that noone could have foreseen. Thwarted by a vengeful bishop, and an American tourist bent on finding his roots, Father O'Hoora has a hilarious riot on his hands.

This was laugh out loud funny from the get go. The cast of characters played on the stereotype of being ever so slightly thick Irishmen and portrayed the clergy to be drunken adulterers. The story itself was loosely based around the Lottery win and the so-called miracle, but even that seemed to play second fiddle to the hilarious goings on in the background. I would advise you not to read this in public unless you like funny looks being shot in your direction. I understand this is the author's debut novel. If this is the standard set, I for one cannot wait until the next one. Good job!