Tuesday, 21 August 2012

100 Years of Brotherly Love by Linda Rae Blair

This is the story of Trick, Chase and Blade. Bonded as blood brothers when they were five, this story traces important events in their lives. Told in three stories, from each of the brothers points of view, it gives a glimpse into the lives of a rancher, a half native american lawyer and a full native american veterinarian. The stories tell of heartbreak and triumph and of significant moments in their lives. It also gives a glimpse into the native american way of life and some of their customs.

This was a fantastic story. Told from each of the brothers points of view, the descriptions of their lives and loves was rich and vivid. From the heartbreak of Trick's ranch problems, and the fallout after, to the joy of confirmed bachelor Chase finally finding his soulmate again and marrying her. It was a story that kept me coming back, as I just HAD to find out what was happening next in the brothers lives! The pace was just right and I was sad when it ended, as I knew there would be no more! I totally recommend this, it is a fantastic book, rich in culture and vivid in description and portrayal.


  1. This is a wonderful review. Now if I only had time to read it! I think I'll recommend it to a friend who has time to read more than I do.

  2. As the author, I am delighted to know that my favorite effort will be shared with others. Here's a link to show you the new cover which I just love! http://www.amazon.com/dp/1463774486

  3. would you like me to change the cover Linda?