Monday, 20 August 2012

Alison Wonderland by Helen Smith

This is the story of Alison Temple (who fancies calling herself Alison Wonderland!). Cheated on by her husband, she now works for the detective agency she hired to follow her errant husband. She has been given a huge case to investigate involving improper activities and involving the worlds first 'shig' (a sheep crossed with a pig). Suddenly her friends are in danger after her daffy client turned best friend loses her address book. Now she must get to the bottom of the mystery before anyone is hurt. With a cast of kooky characters to help her on her way, it can't be that difficult, can it?

This was a fun little mystery. it had me laughing out loud in places. The cast of characters was fantastic and kooky. I particularly liked the interplay between Jeff and Alison and the 'will they won't they?' thread running through the story. The friendship between Taron and Alison was great as well, particularly as Taron is utterly bonkers! The problem for me though, and it was really only a small problem, was at times it felt like two different stories going on. On the one hand we had the major investigation, and then the road trip with Taron and Alison and the quest to find a baby for Taron's mother. That being said, I still loved the story and all the mental images it evoked! It was an enjoyable romp with laugh out loud characters and moments.

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