Monday, 6 August 2012

Buried by Matt Shaw

This is the story of Todd. On his 21st birthday he wakes up trapped in a box, about to be (he thinks) buried alive. With only his fractured memories for company, he must try to work out how he got into the situation and why.

Once again Matt delivers. I have got to know his style quite well now, and this was a little bit different in that it had a happy ending of sorts. Well, a 'Matt' style happy ending at least! The journey to get there though was vintage 'Matt'! Blistering, dark, claustrophobic and ultimately very sad. A quick read, but a read that is best read in one hit as it is unputdownable! I love Matt's work and eagerly look forward to each new release, and once again he has not disappointed. Keep them coming Matt - your fan base is growing!


  1. Sounds good. This review was worth Tweeting, so I did.

  2. Nice review. Sounds like a wonderful read.