Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dead Reaping by Ian Woodhead

This is a continuation of the 'Zombie Armageddon' series of books. While some mention is made of past characters and events, the book stands perfectly well on its own. set about a year after the original outbreak - some of the survivors have set up a community run by the enigmatic and tyrannical 'Magistrate', life is lived in fear of the 'hunters' and also from so-called 'tainted', a new enhanced human.

This was an interesting addition to the series. As well as the usual zombie action, there was a strong message running through about the dangers of bigotry and prejudice. The pace belted along and I was taken on the usual breathtaking ride to the end, it was also a nice easy read. The characters were solid and fitted in well with the story. I certainly enjoyed this and eagerly await the next instalment.

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