Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chasing the Silver Goddess - Passions of the Flesh by T. L. Summers

This is the story of Justin. While out one night he stumbles upon a beautiful woman at a bus stop. Suddenly he is chased by four wolflike creatures, they chase him into a wood, and he runs smack into a tree. From thereon everything is a little hazy until he wakes up next to the beautiful woman. Unknown to him, his life has now changed forever...

This is the first offering from a new author on the block, T. L. Summers. It is also the first in what will be a serial of werewolf erotica novellas. In this installment, the story is established, and characters laid down. The storyline is good, and the sex is pretty hot, although not too in your face, it contributes to the story well. All in all,a decent beginning to what promises to be an exciting serial.

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