Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Housemates by Iain Rob Wright

This is the story of Damien. Given the chance to appear on a reality TV show to win 2 million pounds, he readily agrees in order to help his close friend and work partner, Harry, who is terminally ill. Shrouded in secrecy, he and the other contestants make their way to the house they will be staying in for the next 10 days. Once there, they are introduced to the mysterious 'Landlord', known only by a voice over a loudspeaker. made to do tasks and elimination challenges, it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems and that this is not just a fight for the money but also for their very lives....

This was a gobsmacker from the very outset. Think 'Big Brother' crossed with 'Saw' but on steroids. it was graphic and unrelenting and enthralling. I was hooked from the outset and HAD to keep reading - stuff sleep! Sadly, much to my disappointment sleep won, but I was straight back to it as soon as was humanly possible, devouring every word. Without giving too much away, the characters were all brilliant, an eclectic mix of societies dregs. With some of them, there really was nothing to love, but that made them all the more interesting. The story itself was well paced, and the ending was unexpected. I have read a couple of Iain's books now, and he never fails to disappoint. Read this if you like your horror gutsy and graphic, you won't be sorry.


  1. I'm trying not to read your review, but looking for your 'system' - like... 5/5 Stars. (You know how I am, I'm afraid reading someone else's review before I do mine might subliminally affect my review... I'm a dork, I know!)
    I'm reading this now, just started. Love It already! Chapter 5, just read about first elimination.
    I don't know what gobsmacker means, but I'm thinking it's good!!

    1. If you read my reviews on Goodreads, my ratings are there. Plus that way you won't 'read' the review bit just see the score. I gave this one 5/5. And yes gobsmacked is good. So good it smacked me in the gob (mouth) as it were! X