Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Genesis Code by Lisa Von Biela

This is the story of Mark. His father-in-law has just died from early onset Alzheimers Disease, and there is a fear his wife, Sheila, may contract the disease as well. With that in mind, he takes a high powered job at OneMarket, an internet based trading company. Renowned for treating their staff like workhorses, all his time is suddenly taken up with work, to the detriment of his home life and marriage. Unbeknownst to him though, he is in the middle of a conspiracy to create an even more productive workforce with the aid of implants to the brain. He and his partner have been chosen for the trials. Then his partner suddenly dies, and he is in a race against time to stop the same thing happening to himself, and bring down the powers that be.

This is the sort of sci-fi techno thriller I usually steer clear of. Coming from DarkFuse though, I was sure it would be more than that, and I wasn't wrong. I was hooked from the first page and nearly wore out my Kindle finger racing to find out what happened next! The good guys were likeable, the bad guys were sinister and creepy. There was a definite undercurrent of 'what if' running through the story and that made it all the more chilling. I understand this is the authors debut novel - well, I think this is a fantastic debut! The technobabble is spot on, but never gets in the way of the story, instead it enhances it, and the pace flows relentlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed this and am eager to read more from this author.

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