Tuesday, 3 September 2013

F9 by Michael McBride

This is the story of Dr Ellis Harding. Present at a spree killing in a library as a student, he decides to change the course of his career and find out what makes mass murderers do what they do. Having spent his entire career on the subject, he finally gets the chance to 'unlock' the secrets in the comatose mind of patient F0. He may soon come to wish he hadn't however.....

This was a fantastic fast paced read that took me gently by the hand to begin with and then sat on me until the earth shattering end. I liked the link to historical events, they made the story have a ring of reality to it. The characters were solid, despite there only being three or four of them. It was a tense, taught thriller even though it was a quick read. I recommend this for people who like to immerse themselves quickly and come out gasping at the end.

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