Sunday, 15 September 2013

Worm by Tim Curran

Pine Street has a problem. After what felt like battering the street, black ooze is now running in the streets. Inside houses toilets are exploding, and drains are gushing forth with the same ooze. Soon the householders will realise though, that the ooze is the least of their problems....

This was terrific fun. Just the right amount of tension and schlocky horror made for a brilliantly written novella. I could imagine this as an old school 80's badly acted horror film - it was that good. The switching of characters between chapters was an interesting idea, as it gave me a chance to 'check in' on them and see what was happening next with each person. The pace was good, I read this mostly in one sitting. If you like overexaggerated fun B-movie style horror, then this will appeal on all levels.


  1. I loved this book. But I also read it during a week of rains and floods here, which made it especially fun.

    1. Thanks Paris! I bet that did make it fun and games. Always looking over your shoulder?

    2. For some reason we had heavy rains for a week straight, and all the books I read were about rain. This one, Resurrection by Curran, and Earthworm Gods by Keene. I had to read Bradbury's The Long Rain, just to keep up the streak before the rain stopped.